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Amena Thomas

Hello, my name is Amena. As some of you guys might know I am kind of known as the village nerd and am usually happy to figure out people’s tech issues for the pure enjoyment of it. When I first found Android back in 2012 the prospect of customization was extremely exciting, and I ended up sticking with android for about a year. After a while Android became very frustrating to me because there was not a quick way to input text except for using voice to text. This option was great, but if I wanted any privacy that was out of the question unless I found a quiet place to dictate text. After switching back to the iPhone for about 4 years the accessibility of Android was improved quite a bit, but the input issue had not been completely solved. In 2016 I got the nexus 6P running Android 7.1 nougat, and really enjoyed it again. The problem that kept plaguing me was how to type fast on Android like I could on the iPhone using touch typing or braille screen input. At one-point flexy keyboard was working nicely and random app developers released braille keyboards, but none of them really succeeded and all required the toggling of talk back. This meant that you had to learn a whole new set of commands and learn the self-voicing system for each keyboard. This upset me and I decided to go back to the iPhone for a second time. This made me sad because I missed the customization and a lot of the navigation features that talk back has implemented. In spring of 2020 I heard rumblings that Google had released a beta of Android accessibility version 8.2, and that it included a native braille keyboard. This really sparked my interest, and my friend Jessica discussed it on a random conversation that we had making me go out and obtain a Google Pixel so that I could start playing with Android. So far, this switch has been way more than successful and has sparked my excitement about providing android information to the blind community around the world.

Jessica Katzung

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica. I am a college student studying education in Des Moines, Iowa. I have always had an interest in technology, and enjoy learning about the latest tech toys. I also believe that technology has the power to make peoples’ lives easier. I first used android on a Motorola g4 running android 6.0 marshmallow. I had played with some android devices before then, but I believed people when they told me that it was not accessible with a screen reader. I never really considered switching permanently from iOS to android until 2016. A friend taught me more about the operating system and the various customization features it offered. I have used an android phone ever since. I also enjoy teaching people how technology can improve their lives. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I will do what I can.